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We are creating a business alliance of wellness companies & practitioners.

We help them increase revenue and reduce costs by collaborating to achieve more together.

Our Services

In short, we facilitate mutually beneficial partnerships between aligned businesses to bring about greater success for all.

Deals & Referrals

\We bring in and facilitate high-level deals between members of our business network. We also create referral mechanisms and opportunities between members of our network to bring you more revenue.

Joint Licensing

We facilitate partnerships between complementary partners to build joint licensing for software, technologies, and common apps. Is there something you'd like to create but don't have all the funds necessary to do so? We'll find folks to share the costs and build it with you!

Joint Marketing

We bring members of our business community together to promote each other through joint marketing efforts. We also help you to cut expenses by joining forces at speaking engagements and co-sponsoring booths at trade shows.

Data Tracking & Industry Trends

Collecting measurable and actionable data that tracks the effectiveness of your products and services so you can continue to improve. We track demographic data from across the health and wellness industry to give our network the best insights on industry trends.

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We create collective strategies and systems for the convergence of the wellness industry to uplift humanity.


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