Lynda Tarufelli

Co-Founder & COO at Emergent Wellness
COO at Data Connect

About Lynda

Lynda Tarufelli is passionate about taking care of customer and business relationships, working with people with shared values, and living a fulfilling life.  Lynda’s 20+ years of experience at Data Connect Corporation in working with companies to streamline business process automation allows her the opportunity to jumpstart Emergent Wellness.

She is a complementary partner in supporting the vision of the CEO and building a platform made of people, process, and technology. Her role with Emergent Wellness is to shape operational strategies, provide critical insight and build a strong foundation for alliance partner success.

Personal experience with health challenges lead Lynda to seek a more cohesive, whole health approach to wellness.  Creating EW with this inspiring group of people allows her to build community and assist others on their wellness journey.

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About Data Connect

We are a data management company built on the principle that co-workers, partners, and clients should all be treated like family. In the past 30 years we’ve grown and changed but we retain the same commitment and pride in building outstanding relationships. We strive to bring out human insights with powerful data analysis. 

  • Workplace Safety – Proud partners in Predictive Safety we are using our data know-how to make work sites safer and saving lives around the world.
  • Document Management – Where we got our start, automating vital business processes making our customers more secure, productive and profitable.

We create collective strategies and systems for the convergence of the wellness industry to uplift humanity.


We’re always looking to connect with new folks in the wellness space! 

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