Matt Chandler

Emergent Wellness Co-Founder & Alliance Partner
Co-Founder & CEO of Sunshine Marketplace

About Matt

My name is Matt Chandler, CO-Founder of Sunshine Marketplace, Alliance Member, and early Co-Creator of Emergent Wellness. My passion is to connect ideas, people, businesses, and possibilities together to help organizations reach their goals and make a greater impact on the world. My role within Emergent Wellness is to help identify other organizations and businesses, who share similar goals and core values, and talk to them about ways we can collaborate together and help each other grow. I also help with connecting the organizations that choose to work together, by learning more about their organization and identifying ways the Alliance could help them. 

Our company Sunshine chose to be one of the initial alliance partners because of the value we saw in this alliance. Tim and Emergent Wellness has helped our business tremendously with infrastructure, systems, and automation systems. They have helped us in areas such as identifying our key most active customers so we know who to focus on, missed opportunities from leads, and areas we could reduce costs and be more efficient in our processes. I immediately saw the potential, not only to grow my business, but to be a part of something much larger than myself or our business. Emergent Wellness was about working together with other like minded, core value driven, individuals and organizations to help each other grow together and take care of each other. We all share the same overall mission, to help people live healthier lifestyles, by providing different choices for them to do so. 

How much could we accomplish together as a team? How much more could we grow? How much overall impact could we make? I look forward to working with other alliance partners to answer these questions.

About Sunshine Marketplace

Sunshine specializes in cannabinoid extraction and water solubilization of cannabinoids. We supply bulk all natural, solvent free, water soluble CBD. We also help existing cannabis companies water solubilize their own hemp extracts.

Sunshine is based in beautiful Boulder, CO.

We create collective strategies and systems for the convergence of the wellness industry to uplift humanity.


We’re always looking to connect with new folks in the wellness space! 

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