Current Projects

CBD Supply Chain

Supply Chain Portals bring together related, complementary businesses for collaboration, strategy, and delivery of goods and services for increased sales, decreased costs, and streamlined systems.

The CBD Supply Chain Portal seeks to: 

  • Reduce costs of the individual members to create a larger gross profit
  • Share resources such as people, expertise, and systems
  • Increase the ability to fulfill large purchases by pooling resources
  • Grow collective market presence by combining influencers in each area of the industry
  • Share relevant industry-wide data including best practices, KPI’s, and demographic data
  • Build success throughout the supply chain by improving quality, timeliness, and performance

Wellness Assessments

The Assessment Project is focused on developing seamless, user-friendly assessment software for wellness practitioners and coaches based on their professional needs. Our goal is to streamline the client/patient intake process, create easy customization, and enhance patient privacy and autonomy. 

Joint-Marketing Wellness Products

This project focuses on creating strategic joint marketing channels for complementary wellness/natural foods products to support each other.

Future Projects

We help companies address their individual needs and co-create multi-partner projects that elevate the wellness industry as a whole.

Online Directory

In the coming years we are interested in creating an online directory of wellness products, services, and practitioners that customers can search to find solutions to their wellness challenges. This directory will market the businesses in our alliance and connect the consumer to cutting-edge, lesser-known solutions they were previously unaware of. 

Wellness Mobile App

We are also interested in co-creating a complete wellness mobile app that will take in an individual’s health data from multiple sources, track the effectiveness of their wellness journey, and make recommendations for products, services, and practitioners who could help them progress. These recommendations would serve as referrals to purchase the offerings of partnering businesses in our alliance and bring about greater business for all.

Join Us

As we grow, we are always looking for aligned partners and early adopters to co-create projects with us. If you're interested in getting involved please contact us.

We create collective strategies and systems for the convergence of the wellness industry to uplift humanity.


We’re always looking to connect with new folks in the wellness space! 

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