Savannah Kruger

Co-Founder at Emergent Wellness

About Savannah

Savannah is a mystic, community builder, program/curriculum developer, sex educator, and an avid dancer. Savannah is committed to following Divine Inspiration to co-create the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible. She seeks to connect natural collaborators together with the resources to succeed and further positive social and environmental alignment. She is dedicated to building networks, organizations, and systems that utilize health and wellness to connect humanity back with its true spiritual path. Her vision for Emergent Wellness is to be a channel and vessel for emerging business practices and structures that will bring about a more aligned economy and society.

At Emergent Wellness, she is building the infrastructure and network of partnering leaders and organizations to actualize EW’s grand vision. In the past, she has worked at Harvard University, delivering a course on sustainability leadership and systems-change for corporate executives from many sectors. She has served as Director of Community and Programs at Impact Hub Boulder, a co-working space and community center for local and global purpose-driven businesses, organizations, and leaders. At the Hub, she built systems, opportunities, and programs that elevated the community for greater vision, collaboration, and business success. She’s run countless programs and events including leading Boulder Startup Week’s Social Impact event track as well as co-led the Communities for Change Program, a program partnered with the Presencing Institute out of MIT focusing on trans-local, cross-sector collaboration between key institutional stakeholders and diverse community members co-creating local solutions to climate change challenges.

Savannah is a mystic drawing from the wells of multiple wisdom traditions. Her practice is to presence her connection with God in all that she does and encounters. She’s an avid dancer of ecstatic, 5-Rhythms dance and free-form Blues dance. She lives in an intentional community home in beautiful Boulder, Colorado.

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