We have a lot to offer our the organizations, companies, and practitioners in our alliance.

Our Services Offered to Partners in our Alliance


Creating referral opportunities and mechanisms between alliance partners

Joint Marketing

Joint marketing efforts such as trade shows, branding, speaking engagements, and co-sponsorship

Joint Licensing

Connecting and building joint licensing for software, technologies, and common apps for complementary alliance partners


Collecting measurable and actionable data that tracks the effectiveness of products and services and builds customer trust

How we benefit Our Alliance Partners

  • Reducing costs of the individual members to create a larger gross profit
  • Sharing resources such as people, expertise, and systems
  • Increasing the ability to fulfill large purchases by pooling resources
  • Growing our market presence by combining influencers in each area of the industry
  • Sharing relevant industry-wide data including best practices, KPI’s, and demographic data
  • Building success throughout the supply chain by improving quality, timeliness, and performance

Our Philosophy

We believe that the next level of business innovation is collaboration. Not only does it work, but we believe the widespread practice of collaboration will evolve us as an economy and as a society. Many organizations working together can achieve much more than no one company or individual can achieve alone.


We create collective strategies and systems for the convergence of the wellness industry to uplift humanity.


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