Tim Hobbs

Co-Founder & President at Emergent Wellness
CEO at Data Connect

About Tim

Tim Hobbs is a founder and president of Emergent Wellness, LLC. Emergent Wellness is a business alliance for the wellness industry. Tim is working to combine the essential components of a “wellness ecosystem” that nurtures a lifestyle of wellbeing and longevity. We are a catalyst for wellness goods and services in the homes and communities where we live, where we work, or when we travel. We can expect increasing convergence of all wellness sectors into these three core spheres, through acquisitions, partnerships, horizontal/cross-category expansions and innovations, and emergence of new business models.

Tim Hobbs is also the founder and CEO of Data Connect Corporation. Data Connect Corporation has delivered customized, integrated software solutions for the management of commerce, data and documents since 1988. Data Connect’s data handling expertise and innovation has resulted in dynamic solutions for the food, healthcare and trade-show industries. Tim has gained a solid reputation among colleagues and customers alike as an information technology executive with a rare combination of strategic insight, operational expertise, technological and collaboration skills. He is focused on leading Data Connect Corporation to achieve continued automation, improved growth, greater innovation for organizations and their supply chains.
Tim Hobbs has served on the Board of Directors for the Small Giants organization(www.smallgiants.org). The purpose of the Small Giants is to identify, connect and develop values-driven business leaders. Tim Hobbs is also a cofounder of The Best of Humanity, Inc. The purpose of Best of Humanity is to identify and help support organizations known for making a difference to humanity. 

Tim’s Education: Bachelor of Science, Physics and Nuclear Engineering – Colorado School of Mines

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About Data Connect

We are a data management company built on the principle that co-workers, partners, and clients should all be treated like family. In the past 27 years we’ve grown and changed but we retain the same commitment and pride in building outstanding relationships. We strive to bring out human insights with powerful data analysis. 

  • Workplace Safety – Proud partners in Predictive Safety we are using our data know-how to make work sites safer and saving lives around the world.
  • Document Management – Where we got our start, automating vital business processes making our customers more secure, productive and profitable.

We create collective strategies and systems for the convergence of the wellness industry to uplift humanity.


We’re always looking to connect with new folks in the wellness space! 

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